Using Functions Library in Excel

Library Functions Use in Excel 2007
Let’s say you are a teacher of History and you entered the marks of the students in your Excel worksheet. Now you wish to know who got the highest or lowest marks in the class and you are not aware of the different Excel functions. Or let’s say you run a small stationery business and you enter the sales of your items like pens, notebooks, crayons, etc. At the end of the day you wish to know how many Mont Blanc pens you sold but you don’t know how to use the various relevant Excel functions. Can the teacher or the small business person still use the Excel functions and get the correct results. Yes! In the beginning you may have to work more thoughtfully but as you go along your speed will improve dramatically while working in Excel. Let’s see how the teacher and the business person can find the functions they wish to use along with some interesting examples.
How to use the library functions:

  • Click on Formulas
  • Select function library
  • Click on Insert Function
  • In the text box below the ‘search for a function’ type something related to what you wish to do with your data like ‘max marks’ in our example
  • In the area below the ‘select a function’ you’ll see some relevant functions displayed
  • Click on the one that you feel could be suitable and read the description below as shown
  • You can then click on the link ‘Help with this function’ to view a detailed description with good examples. Also the related functions are described. It is recommended that you spend some time to study the details in the beginning. As you become familiar with the functions you may not need help later on
  • Finally click ‘OK’ to execute the function to get the required results. Of course, if you feel that you made an error in the selection of the function, you can start over with more confidence

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