Where is my Solver tab in Microsoft Excel 2007

In Excel version 2007 you may not see the Solver feature when you start Microsoft Excel. You will ask yourself: Where did my Solver go? Normally we can see the Solver item under the Data tab in the Analysis command group.
So what do you do now? All options in MS Excel can be accessed via the Microsoft Office Button.

Click on the MS Office Button.
Click on the Excel Options button at the right bottom.
The Excel Options window opens.
Click on Add-ins.
On the right hand side scroll down to the item – Inactive Application Add-ins.
Select the Solver Add-in.
Click on the Go Button next to the text ‘Manage’ which displays ‘Excel Add-ins’ next to it in the drop down box.
A new window called ‘Add-Ins opens.
Click the check-box next to the Solver Add-in which may be the last item in the list.
You’ll see below that a title : Solver Add-in and below that: Tool for Optimization and equation solving.
Click OK.
Normally it takes a few moments for Solver to be activated.
When you now view the Analysis Group under the Data tab you should see the Solver feature.

View the Excel training video below:

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